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Xi Wei Hu Tong
Beijing, Beijing Shi, 100009

CHEF cooks. COOK eats. Food, travel, and more.


COOK Eating a Banh Mi
CHEF Rides In Hoi An

COOK (actually his real name) is an architect by day and glutton by night (and by day). The sights and flavors of his native Chicago forged COOK into a hedonist at an early age. Pursuit of an aesthetically supersaturated life has carried him into adulthood and has taken him to some of the world's most beautiful and extraordinarily delicious places: China, Cuba, the American South, and everywhere in between. He hopes to share with readers (love you, Mom!) tales of both the awesome and the mundane that he and CHEF encounter, to forge connections, and to spread the word that the world is small.


Lived in:


The Wisconsin Northwoods

South Bend, IN (trying to forget...)







Things COOK Likes:

Eating pies baked by CHEF

Indonesian slang

Freehand drawing


The history of classical architecture in the West

Eating cookies baked by CHEF

CHEF (actually her job, not actually her name) hails from Massachusetts. Because there's nothing she can't do (except commit to a career path), CHEF alternates between her daytime activity as a graduate student in diplomacy and her nighttime side hustle as the assistant to the queen of Boston's Indonesian food scene. While she may never reconcile her dual loves of baking and international diplomacy, she enjoys that both subjects allow her to investigate the fascinating ways in which people are nourished, in all senses of the word, around the world.



Lived in:



Washington, DC







Things CHEF Likes:


Compulsively buying too many books

International trade and food systems

Chinese food

Language history

Feeding COOK

Our work, both written and graphic, occasionally appears elsewhere on the web. For some of the latest, check out the following:

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