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Xi Wei Hu Tong
Beijing, Beijing Shi, 100009

CHEF cooks. COOK eats. Food, travel, and more.


We are COOK + CHEF, two food lovers traveling, cooking, and eating our way into as many corners of the world as possible. Along the way, we’re investigating what’s on our plate, how it got there, and who made it. We hope that this site inspires you to view food and the people who eat and make it through a similar lens, whether you’re close to home or far away. Get out there and have a food adventure!


Reflections from the road, river, or maybe a Chinese granny's garage. Notes from the field.   

All the latest from our travels and adventures, and an occasional #tbt to relive the memories.

Suggestions for what to do, see, and eat if you find yourself in the neighborhood - wherever that may be. 

All COOK + CHEF content, sorted by location. See the map, then see the world.